Color Symmetry at SIGGRAPH 2008

Color Symmetry
Siggraph 2008

Color and Look Management for Animation, Visual Effects and Graphics Toolsets Expanded with Support for Emerging Industry-Standard LUTs and RAW Acquisition Workflows

Duiker Research Corp., creator of the Color Symmetry plug-in suite, will be announcing Color Symmetry 2.0 from Booth #1538. Version 2.0 rolls out on a number of new capabilities that make it possible to create and emulate production looks, accurately view color and correctly exchange color data across multiple film- and emerging all-digital production pipelines in motion pictures, television, commercials and games. This includes introducing support for RAW digital acquisition workflows as well as a comprehensive range of industry-standard LUTs.

With Version 2.0, users will be able to accurately see and handle RAW color space imagery from digital acquisition sources including RED, Panavision, Arri and Dalsa digital cameras. Color Symmetry 2.0 also supports the Color Decision List (CDL) and Color Transformation Language (CTL) color interchange and transformation formats, allowing visual effects and graphics artists to work according to emerging color standards as they complete and collaborate to deliver shots.

Color Symmetry is a set of plug-ins and small applications that solves the modern workflow challenge of being able to see and handle color consistently in animation, graphics, visual effects and post-production systems, including 2D and 3D software. Color Symmetry also lets lets users author, share and properly use film and created production looks directly within their everyday tools.

For further information, visit, or Booth #1538 at SIGGRAPH 2008.